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Water On The Land - Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide L'eau et le sol - Guide de gestion des eaux pluviales This award winnipeg guide was released in March 2012.  It is a user-friendly guide that helps persons understand stormwater management, create bio-retention projects, and assists persons to learn how to undertake the process.


Rivers West has developed four (4) curriculum guides to help Canadian teachers use the Red River as an example when teaching the Manitoba curriculum.

All guides provide local information, encourage hands-on site-based learning and contain hundreds of activities and fieldtrip ideas that match curriculum outcomes. They include:

Habitat Means Home (grade 4 science) Mon habitat, c'est là où je vis guide (4e année science)

Historic Places of the Red River-vol 1 + 2 (grades 4-6 social studies) Endroits historiques de la rivière Rouge (études sociales de la 4e à la 6e année)

Red River Basin Water System guide (grade 8 science)

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Stormwater Management Short Video

Subsequent to Rivers West's launched in the spring of 2012 of its Water on the Land – Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide numerous users were asking for complementary teaching tools that could very quickly educate persons on the water cycle and what stormwater is and can be managed.  

As a result, Rivers West applied for a grant to the Winnipeg Foundation to create a video-clip and is very grateful to them and all project committee members who have contributed in the development of this entertaining educational resource .

‘This short three minute video has been created by Build Films in an entertaining, yet informative and educational fashion that can be viewed quickly from anywhere. “There are important facts about water, and solutions to stormwater management that are outlined in this video.  Megan Krohn, Water Caucus Program Manager for Manitoba Eco-Network and member of the project committee, notes that ‘’this video looks and sounds great yet passes on important messages that describe well the water cycle and stormwater management.’’

A French version of the video is currently being developed and will be released as soon as possible.

Rivers West thanks all of its partners for their work and dedication. Take a few moments to browse their websites to find many other great resources.

www.msid.ca (Manitoba Sustainability Initiatives Directory)


Water On The Land Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide

Lately, Rivers West partnered with École St-Avila in the development of its bio-retention project and is currently collaborating with a few other community organizations and schools to assist in the development of rain gardens and bio-retention projects. In doing so, it became quite apparent that persons wanting to develop these projects were missing a lot of information and were in need of a guide that could assist them in this process.

Rivers West Red River Corridor approached the Province of Manitoba’s Department of Water Stewardship and Department of Education to discuss the development of the Sustainable stormwater management guide that would include information on watershed health, outdoor learning, natural play opportunities, as well as provide useful resources and ‘how to get started’ for school grounds, public spaces and mid-size commercial properties.

The Stormwater Management Guide for Schools will contribute to a wider understanding of the concept of stormwater management, will explain how to implement a stormwater management system, and will show how to use the system as an educational tool. This guide could promote the development of rain gardens in Manitoba schools, and ultimately contribute to the development of a rain garden network throughout the Province.

The Province of Manitoba Water Stewardship Fund allocated $24,000 to develop the guide and other partners contributed in-kind and financial resources to complete the project in both official languages. The official launch took place on World Water Day – March 22nd, 2012. Rivers West intends to distribute the latter to over 900 schools in Manitoba, to municipalities and conservation districts. An on-line version of the guide will also be available free of charge on the www.riverswest.ca and www.routesonthered.ca Web sites.

Please click on one of the following links to access the guides:

Water on the Land - Sustainable stormwater management guide English (45MB - PDF)

Water on the Land - Sustainable stormwater management guide French (45MB - PDF)



Supplementary Curriculum Guides for Teachers


Historic Places of the Red River

Grades 4 to 6 Social Studies Supplementary Curriculum Guide A Teacher’s Resource for Field Trips

Volume 1 (4.3MB - PDF)

Volume 2 (4.7MB - PDF)

Other Resources: (large files, please download before viewing)

Historic Places of the Red River: Primer (6MB - PPT)

Historic Places of the Red River: Field Trips Vol.1 (22.3MB - PPT)

Historic Places of the Red River: Field Trips Vol.2 (17.5MB - PPT)


Habitat Means Home - Grade 4 Science

Habitats & Communities Unit Supplementary Curriculum Guide Plant Field Guide / Animal Field Guide

NOTE: Due to the large file sizes of some of the curriculum documents, the entire package is provided below in Zip format. To download this file, or any of the individual documents, right-click on the respective link and choose 'Save Target As...'

Entire Curriculum Guide in Zip format

Grade 4 Habitat Means Home Curriculum Guide (106 Mb)


Red River Basin Water Systems - Grade 8 Science Supplementary Curriculum Guide for Teachers

Curriculum Guide:

Red River Basin Water Systems Curriculum Guide (12MB - PDF)



Outils didactiques pour enseignants


Endroits historiques de la rivière Rouge Études sociales de la 4e à la 6e année

Outils didactiques plus ressource pour excursions scolaires

Volume 1 - Endroits historiques (34MB - PDF)

Volume 2 - Endroits historiques (24MB - PDF)


Mon habitat, c'est là où je vis - Ressource 4e année science

Manuels de ressources

Manuel_Mon habitat Partie 1 (17MB - PDF)

Manuel_Mon habitat Partie 2 (16MB - PDF)

Guide animaux (4MB - PDF)

Guide_plantes (7MB - PDF)

Présentations PPT

Presentation - Mon habitat (8MB - PDF)

Présentation Animaux (18MB - PDF)

Présentation Plantes (12MB - PDF)


Education plans

Future plans, based on funding, are to develop lesson plans with general learning outcomes and specific learning outcomes as well as technical tools for use by schools and the general public.