Take an excursion along the Red and your adventure is likely to coincide with a variety of celebrations. Manitoba's festivals are lively gatherings that offer incredible entertainment, cultural and homegrown foods from the region and fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Drive, cycle, walk or canoe your way along the Routes on the Red to discover some of this unforgettable experience!

Theme Based Tours:

  • Arts & Culture
  • First Nations
  • People of the Fur Trade
  • Settlers’ Routes on the Red

The Red River, one of Canada's Canadian Heritage Rivers

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Self-Directed Tours

Enjoy a day or an afternoon exploring the beauty, history and culture of Manitoba’s Red River Valley when you embark on a self-directed tour along the Routes on the Red. Choose from:

There are many more great trails and maps available at www.winnipegtrails.ca


Winter Routes

The Sacred Heritage of St. Norbert


Join us on a walk through the past to experience the birth of St. Norbert, a young settlement that became a mission, and then a thriving Catholic parish capable of supporting a church, boys? and girls? Catholic schools, a convent and a monastery.

Seine River Winter Walk


Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the calm of the Seine River Corridor. As you walk along the frozen river, you will be enveloped by the serenity of this special natural space in an urban setting. The history of life along the river will transport you back to the time of Manitoba?s earliest settlers.

Self-Directed Winter Driving & Cross-Country Skiing Tours

DrivingSkiing Winnipeg and North

Enjoy a wonderful winter day of exploration and adventure as you participate in one of two Drive & Ski self-directed tours. Each of these trips involves an historic drive that will bring to life the heritage of Manitoba?s Red River Valley, ending with the opportunity to cross-country ski on one of the many groomed trails that can be found here.

More Cross Country Skiing Locations


Click the above title for a detailed PDF that includes trails at Provincial Parks, National Parks, Winnipeg, & Rural Manitoba. For more Cross Country Skiing information please visit http://www.ccski.mb.ca/


Fur Trading Routes

People of the Fur Trade

Winnipeg and North

Uncover the lives and loves of the rough and ready fur traders on this full day driving tour (70km loop) of Winnipeg and the northern Red River Valley. Sites visited include: Manitoba Museum, Seven Oaks House Museum and Lower Fort Garry.

In the Footsteps of the Voyageurs (en francais)


Experience the legacy of the fur trade on a half-day walking tour (7.7km loop) as you explore the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg, Beginning at The Forks and stopping to visit: St. Boniface Museum, St. Boniface Cathedral, Fort Gibraltar and historic walking paths along the shores of the Red and Seine Rivers.

In the Paddle Strokes of the Voyageurs


Explore the Red River and its banks the way the voyageurs did – on the water – with this half-day paddling excursion (8.6km return), beginning near the confluence of the Seine and Red Rivers and heading to The Fork at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.

Waters of the Fur Trade


Embark on a one or two day exploration (up to 149km of driving and 35.4km of paddling – over the course of 2 days) of the Red River and related waters on this driving and paddling itinerary, with a suggested overnight stay in Selkirk.

Markets Then and Now


This half day walking tour (3.1km one way) lets you recreate the hustle and bustle of a thriving marketplace from the fur trade, beginning at The Forks, passing by Upper Fort Garry and on North America’s oldest department store – the Hudson Bay.

People of the Red River Settlement (en francais)

Winnipeg and North

This full-day driving itinerary (70km loop) delves into the lives of the individuals who settled in the Winnipeg area and along the banks of the northern portion of the Red River. Sites visited include: St. John’s Cathedral and Cemetery, St. Andrew’s-on-the-Red Church, Cemetery, and Rectory, Captain Kennedy House and Garden and Lower Fort Garry.

Métis and the Path to Confederation (en francais)


This full-day driving tour (80km), with the opportunity for many stops, lets you discover the amazingly rich heritage of the Métis people in the Winnipeg and the Red River Valley, as well as their significant contribution to the creation of the Province of Manitoba.

French and Mennonite Settlement (en francais)


This mountain biking tour (options for 16km and 50km loops) explores the rich heritage of these peoples as they settled the southern portion of the Red River Valley, visiting St. Adolphe, Niverville, Mennonite Landing and Ste. Agathe.

Winnipeg’s Residential Riverbanks


Cycle into the history of some of Winnipeg’s oldest and most intriguing neighbourhoods, while discovering the shifting settlement patterns of the city. Pick and choose how many kilometres you wish to cruise as the full tour of 22km can be broken into a series of three shorter tours of 9 km, 8 km and 6 km in length.

The Sacred Heart of St. Norbert


This half-day winter walking tour (5.3 km return) takes you along the LaSalle River through the heart of historic St. Norbert, visiting the Trappist Monastery and the St. Norbert Cathedral.

Glaciers to Grasslands


This full-day scenic driving tour (250km return) explores the rich natural heritage of the fertile southeastern portion of the Red River Valley with many opportunities to stretch your legs on walks around marshlands, along ancient beach ridges and through tall grass prairie.

First Peoples of the Red

Winnipeg and North

Explore the rich heritage of the First Nations people along the historic Red River on this full day drive and stroll tour (154km). Sites visited along the way include: Thunderbird House, Kenosewun Centre, Lower Fort Garry, St. Peter Dynevor Church and Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Historic Village.

Shores of Lake Agassiz


This mountain biking tour (options for 19km, 45km and 65km loops) travels along the TransCanada Trail between St. Pierre-Jolys and St. Malo highlighting the ancient shoreline of Lake Agassiz in southern Manitoba.

Floods of the Red River Valley

Winnipeg and South

This full day driving tour (90km return to Winnipeg) explores the history of the Red River Valley’s floods, beginning in Ste. Agathe at the Red River Valley Floods Interpretive Centre you travel north to Winnipeg, discovering the methods people have utilized to adapt to living in a flood plain, and the stories they have to tell.

Prehistoric Prairies


Drive and stroll through riverbottom forests, discover the origins of the Northwest Mounted Police and glacial sites as you explore the natural and geological history of the Red River Valley.

Walking Tour Forgotten Forests of the Prairies


Explore the River Bottom forest in spring, summer, fall and winter: Experience the evolutions of the ecosystems in this forest when the seasons change.

In your surroundings you will find a variety of wildlife and vegetation:

Millions of creatures live in and along the river, from single-cell lifeforms to insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. River bottom forests are the most productive and diverse wildlife habitats on the Prairies. The river bottom trails are also a great place for bird watching.

Gabrielle Roy’s St. Boniface (en francais)


This half-day walking tour (5.3 km) through St. Boniface explores this community through the works of one of this province’s most influential authors – Gabrielle Roy. A few of the sites visited along this route include: Gabrielle Roy House, St. Boniface Museum, and the St. Boniface Cemetery.

Galleries and Museums of the Red River Valley

Winnipeg and North

This full day driving tour (113km loop) will let you explore the incredibly variety of galleries and museums that can be found in the northern half of Manitoba’s Red River Valley. Sites visited include: Cook’s Creek Heritage Museum, The Costume Museum of Canada, Selkirk Community Arts Centre and Transcona Historical Museum.

Carol Shields’ Manitoba

Winnipeg and North

This full day driving tour (183km loop) allows you to discover some of the Manitoba neighbourhoods, villages and landscapes that provided Carol Shields with the settings and inspiration for some of her best-loved novels. A few of the sites visited along this route include: Manitoba Legislature, Assiniboine Park Conservatory, Stonewall Quarry Park and the towns of Garson and Tyndall.

Art, Antiques and Architecture

Winnipeg and North

This short walking tour (3.1km) provides you with a taste of the incredible variety of galleries, museums and antique stores that can be found in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

Fictional Winnipeg – Murder Mystery Tour

Winnipeg and North

Cycle into the settings of three murder/mystery novels by Winnipeg authors. These who-dun-its come to life while you're traveling the same streets as the stories' characters.


Flood Watch Tour

The water in the Red River has a tendency to fluctuate and even to flood during the spring. This guide will indicate where you can go to observe the Red River's water levels in designated safe locations from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg. 

Also, take a look at:

Red River - It's Floods and Floodways 

There is a short version and a long version of this tour


The Loop/La Boucle

This urban Winnipeg trail will bring you through The Forks, St-Boniface, the Exchange District and downtown Winnipeg while permitting you to explore the history, architecture, culture, and modern day gems in Winnipeg. The Loop is approximatly 9.5 km and 3.5 hours. 


Selkirk & Area Heritage Tour

The objective of this tour is to create an awareness of the Historic Gems of the Red River North region. The tour starts at the Lower Fort Parking lot, follows the Red River north, crossing the river at the St Peter Dynevor bridge, then south crossing the river at Lockport, south to St Andrews church and then north back to the Lower fort parking lot. This tour is intended to take approximately two hours, primarily as a drive past of the various sites with a brief commentary on each site.