Take an excursion along the Red and your adventure is likely to coincide with a variety of celebrations. Manitoba's festivals are lively gatherings that offer incredible entertainment, cultural and homegrown foods from the region and fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Drive, cycle, walk or canoe your way along the Routes on the Red to discover some of this unforgettable experience!

Theme Based Tours:

  • Arts & Culture
  • First Nations
  • People of the Fur Trade
  • Settlers’ Routes on the Red

The Red River, one of Canada's Canadian Heritage Rivers

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About Us

Who We Are

Rivers West Red River Corridor Association Inc. / L’Association du Corrridor Rivière Rouge (Rivers West) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1999. The Articles of Incorporation were revised in 2002 to reflect expanded geographical boundaries, now spanning from the US/Canada border to Lake Winnipeg.

Rivers West will, in working directly with the Province of Manitoba, all regional levels of government, First Nations and all key stakeholders and citizens, facilitate and encourage a cooperative and integrated Management Approach that will recognize, promote and sustain the cultural heritage values for which the Red River has been designated a Canadian Heritage River, as well as the River’s natural heritage and recreational values.

Rivers West is positioned to assist the operators, communities, and organizations of the Red River Valley in working together. Acting as coordinator and facilitator, Rivers West ensures the Corridor is promoted comprehensively and partnerships are developed to undertake specific initiatives. The intent is to promote the best interests of the Corridor overall.

Rivers West is a member-based organization. Members are those persons who reside in the geographic area and/or hold an executive position inside an organization located within the Red River Corridor. The Corridor is deemed to include all municipalities bordered on the banks of the Red River between the US/Canada border and Lake Winnipeg.


The vision for Rivers West will be realized incrementally through the following long-term goals.

  1. Natural Environment – restore and protect the Corridor’s natural environment through the application and encouragement of sustainable practices
  2. Cultural and Heritage – bring to life the richness of the Corridor’s culture and history through activities and education.
  3. Recreation – support year-round recreational use of the Corridor through passive and active opportunities.
  4. Infrastructure – as part of an integrated master plan, develop community infrastructure to support access to the Corridor’s attractions.
  5. Marketing and Promotion – promote and market the conservation and tourism potential of the Corridor locally, nationally, and internationally.

Rivers West is pleased to receive financial support from the province of Manitoba and benefits from the participation of rural municipalities, towns and cities along the length of the river.



Rivers West is fortunate to be supported by the Municipalities, incorporated Towns and Cities that are located along the Red River Corridor from Emerson to Lake Winnipeg.  Without their financial and in-kind support, the organization could not continue to operation.  Together, we endeavour to create a destination of the Red River Corridor. Several other organizations and stakeholders also support specific projects of the organization.


Board Members

Rivers West is a non-profit association that reports to a board of directors. The board is comprised of members that represent diverse interests and many of the communities along the Red River.

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Annual Report 

We are happy to share our 2014 Annual Report with you!

View our Strategic Plan 2014-2017 (PDF) to see the broads lines of Rivers West objectives and activities concerning the natural environment, culture and heritage, recreation, infrastructure, marketing, promotion and product development as well as administration.