A Family Journey

Rivers West has launched the storybook, A Family Journey, and has published it in four languages. This storybook speaks of the Thomas Family in the year of 1845. They are travelling to the Stone Fort along the Red River. This book is filled with history, facts, and colorful illustrations. The book has been published in English (A Family Journey), in French (Un voyage en famille), in Mitchif (Ein waiyage d'enne famille), and in Ojibway (Inawemaaganag Babaami-ayaawag). Read the following article to find out more.

Une oeuvre publiée en quatre langues (French) - September 2014


Amazing Tree Quest

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Crossing the Red River

Winnipeg came to life thanks to its two rivers, the Red and the Assiniboine. Today, people cross these rivers without having to think twice. However, it wasn't always so easy. These rivers created an obstacles in the 1800s for those wanting to go from the city of Winnipeg (now known as downtown Winnipeg) to the city of Saint-Boniface (now known as Saint-Boniface quarter). 

Bruce Cherney, writer for the Real Estate News, illustrates in a three part editorial, the troubles, the methods, the costs, and the steps that people went through to be able to cross these rivers before bridges were built.

It started with a ferry, which was actually a canoe or even a duged-out tree trunk with straw at the bottom. Passengers  had to kneel down one behind the other inside the wet interior of the boat. The ferry functionned by a system of ropes. The ferry had multiple owners and upgrades untill it finally became a steam boat name the Adelaine. 

For the full story, ready the online version, or the news paper articles of this three part editorial listed below.

Part 1online or Real Estate News - pages 4 & 5, page 6

Part 2: online

Part 3: online or Real Estate News - pages 4 & 5, page 6


Fort Rouge

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