Take an excursion along the Red and your adventure is likely to coincide with a variety of celebrations. Manitoba's festivals are lively gatherings that offer incredible entertainment, cultural and homegrown foods from the region and fun-filled activities for the entire family.

Drive, cycle, walk or canoe your way along the Routes on the Red to discover some of this unforgettable experience!

Theme Based Tours:

  • Arts & Culture
  • First Nations
  • People of the Fur Trade
  • Settlers’ Routes on the Red

The Red River, one of Canada's Canadian Heritage Rivers

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Amazing Tree Quest

Rivers West invites you to take part in the Amazing Tree Quest this summer!
Contest runs from May 28 to September 5, 2016.

Find a tree along the Red River Corridor or in your neighborhood that is big, old, striking, or your favorite, then nominate it!
Winners will receive a gift certificate to a garden center of their choice!
Why nominate a tree?
  • To draw attention to the natural beauties in your community and along the Red River Corridor.
  • To highlight the importance of trees in our overall environment.
  • To gather with family, friends, and neighbours.
  • To have fun!
To nominate fill out this form. (en français SVP)
Check out our Facebook Page and post a picture of you and your tree.







1st place

Royal Manitoba Yacht Club


Submitted by: Damara Geddes – Recreation Director for the RM of West St. Paul

Type of tree: Elm

Location: West St. Paul


“This tree is one of the oldest in this area of West St. Paul. It is situated within the ground of the Royal Manitoba Yacht Club and both the members of the club and the general public enjoy its beauty and shade.”





2nd place

Beloved Oak Tree

Submitted by: Evergreen Gate Bed and Breakfast

Type of tree: Oak

Location: St. Andrews


“How old? How tall? We don’t know and don’t plan to cut it down to find out!”





  3rd place

L’arbre de l’amitié (Friendship Tree)


Submitted by: Marie Federkevic and family

Type of tree: Manitoba Maple

Location: St. Boniface


“It looks old – it may have been planted in the 30s. We hope that it will live a long time as it brings us much pleasure and happiness! Thanks to this tree, and the swing hanging from its branch, we have met many of our neighbours (big and small), which some have become our friends.”






4th place

Splitting Tree


Submitted by: Krystèle Collette

Type of tree: Oak

Location: Lorette


“This is a beautiful tree. I love this tree because it splits off, it’s like two trees in one!